grogpappy 10. . .

23 Feb 2012

grogpappy10.7 unknown 'no title' cassette GONE

13 Dec 2011

Polyfox 'aldi bag full of beer' cassette GONE

(approx 15 minutes. full coloured double sided card, track list, usual pappy shitte.)

(from L-R)

grogpappy10.1 Cock $afari 'morning bears & bacon/picnic moo cow' c24 GONE

grogpappy10.3 Cock Safari 'green coloured' cassette GONE

grogpappy10.4 Dingbats & Cock Scaffold 'e bugs' cassette GONE

grogpappy10.5 Cock Safari & Dingbats 'a cat may look at a king' cassette GONE

most limited to one copy some limited to more. $7.00dollars. check this spot for more soon.

email: grogpappy(at)gmail(dot)com